Sectional doors are the most popular solution for closing garage doors in Europe. These gates exude thermal qualities, reliability in operation and space saving in front of the garage. The gate can be automated, as well it’s possible to install walk-through gate and windows in them.

Industrial sectional doors are characterized by a greater intensity of use, so the technical capabilities of such gates should be higher.

Swinging and sliding gates are offered with a different degree of metal processing, type of painting, filling and automation, depending on the intensity of use and the wishes of the customer.

We offer high-speed gates for internal premises with maximum dimensions 4000х4000 mm, for outdoor use – 5500х5000 mm, for freezing chambers (till-300С) – 4500 mm.

PVC curtains reduce heat loss in the premises, and also protect from dust and noise.

“ALKEA” offers single-leaf and double-wing sliding, as well as lifting up fireproof gates with the fire resistance EI30, EI60 and EI120.

Fireproof curtains are designed to divide the rooms into compartments and prevent the spread of fire throughout the building, thereby protecting people and property from the effects of fire and smoke.